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photo of Gene Whitehurst and Karol Ponicsan

Gene Whitehurst and his partner, Karol Ponicsan started a partnership over 60 years ago and P&W hasn't stopped building yet. As teenagers, Whitehurst and Ponicsan met through girlfriends. They double-dated and when Whitehurst got married, Ponicsan served as best man. After that, there was no stopping the friendship that expanded into a business partnership in 1954 and led to the formation of P & W Builders. Business prospered, if you don’t count the 1980’s when, as Whitehurst likes to put it, “Times were so bad it was like the Depression for anyone in the construction business.” But they survived and went on to build 15 subdivisions and more than 3,500 houses throughout the Tri-County Area.

“You can’t go anywhere in a 50-mile radius and not see a house built by P & W Builders,” insists Whitehurst.

Who's Who In Business Awards: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

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