Quality Built, One Board at a Time

P & W Builders is a home builder and residential contractor serving the Peoria, Illinois area and surrounding communities. We can handle any job for any part of your house. Whether it be your basement, living area or the attic, no space is too tight nor corner too hidden from our specialists!

We build in all price ranges within 60 miles of Peoria! If you're looking for a trustworthy company, then search no further. Call us today!

Welcome to
P & W Builders

Custom Homes built with
Quality Materials

At P & W Builders we work with you to give you the best and most affordable custom home you desire. We work to stay within your budget, while using only the best materials on the market. P & W Builders walk you through the entire process leaving you with a memory to last a lifetime.

Homes Include:

  1. Plastered Walls
  2. All Copper plumbing supply lines
  3. Douglas Fir Lumber
  4. 1×8 Pine Roof Sheathing
  5. Custom Cabinetry
  6. 30-year Dimension Shake Shingles
  7. 3/4″ Tongue & Groove Fir Plywood Subfloors
  8. 2×10 Rafters with Bonus Attic Space

The History of P & W Builders...

Gene Whitehurst and his partner, Karol Ponicsan started a partnership 50 years ago and they haven’t stopped building yet. As teenagers, Whitehurst and Ponicsan met through girlfriends. They double-dated and when Whitehurst got married, Ponicsan served as best man. After that, there was no stopping the friendship that expanded into a business partnership in 1954 and led to the formation of P & W Builders. Business prospered, if you don’t count the 1980’s when, as Whitehurst likes to put it, “Times were so bad it was like the Depression for anyone in the construction business.” But they survived and went on to build 15 subdivisions and more than 3,500 houses throughout the Tri-County Area.

“You can’t go anywhere in a 50-mile radius and not see a house built by P & W Builders,” insists Whitehurst.

Hear what our customers are saying...

"We looked at the Autumn Ridge Models and started making changes to our liking. We made subtle changes the floor plan and created more open space. Each board was individually cut and nailed creating a solid built custom design home. Our experience with P&W has been wonderful and we received quality for what we paid." Read More!

 - Autumn Ridge Residents